Can anyone tell me how to send & receive problem in Microsoft Outlook

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asked Apr 3 in Computers and IT by Abrienne (160 points)
Yesterday, I was working with Outlook Mail in the process to send a mail to my Bose but Outlook is prompting with Send/Receive error. How to resolve it.

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answered Apr 10 by Tirthankar (300 points)

So is it 'boss' or 'bose'
I guess it boss.

However, let me answer to your question first. 
Send & Receive is  one of the major errors that many MS Outlook users face on a day to day basis. 
And to resolve this, I would suggest you to go for a good DIY manual technique.

For this you may give a read to this DIY Guide: (Solved) MS Outlook Data File Cannot Be Accessed / Outlook Error 0x8004010f

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answered 4 days ago by amer22 (140 points)
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Usually such issues arises due to mismanagement of PST files present in Outlook.

Or there are unnecessary add-ins which is interrupting your functioning of Outlook.

So to fix it you can follow below mentioned approach.

Nice Way

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